Karikuy Organization

The Karikuy Organization

Project Description

The aim is to build the largest database on the Internet regarding Peru and its culture. The site is handled similar to a wikipedia site but far more extensive and only dedicated to subjects on Peru.

Information gathering is vital and the main focus of the project. If you wish to contribute from the comfort of your own home, you will be able to do so. Right now information gathering and subject availability is very wide open, this is due to the fact that we've been running the program since 2009. You can view the current site at www.karikuy.org/perupedia. The fully functioning site will occupy www.perupedia.info in the near future.

Volunteer Information

Your goal while volunteering for Karikuy in Peru is to gather as much information on the locations you visit and the people you meet. It is your job to publish articles, stories, city facts and travel information, news and sports updates. This volunteer program can truly be a young writers dream and a perfect opportunity for bloggers and social activists to get their hands wet.

During your time in Peru you will be lodged at the Karikuy Bed and Breakfast. This home away from home is located in central Lima, 10 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the Plaza de Armas. The neighborhood is called Planeta and is as traditional a neighborhood you can get in Lima, full of life and color, this neighborhood in Cercado de Lima was one of the first squatter settlements to be recognized by the government in the 1960's. Fifty years later this middle class neighborhood continues to enchant visitors from abroad who wish experience more then a fancy hotel atmosphere but really get into the heart of Lima. Festivals, concerts and parties are common throughout Planeta and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Price: $65 a week, $10 each additional day
  • Program runs from May16th to October 15th, 2011.
What's included?

-Room and Board
-Meals Included (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Monday through Saturday
-Free wireless Internet and Utilities
-Discounted tours for weekend travel
-Holidays off
-Stress free environment

How long can I participate?

Once accepted into the program you choose how long you wish to volunteer (subject to availability) as well as when (May - October).

-Minimum stay is two weeks.
-Maximum is 6 months or the entire duration of the program.

Stays over two months require letters of reference and recommendation.

What's expected of me?


Are there any requirements?

- Positive Attitude
- Social Skills
- Writing Experience
- Effective Team Member
- Knowledge of simple HTML and data entry
- Must own Personal Laptop
- Own Photo Camera
- Goal Oriented
- Information gathering and note taking skills
- Neat and presentable
- Adventurous

A Plus, but Not Required:

- Knowledge of CSS and Dreamweaver
- Video Editing Skills
- Own Video Camera
- Multilingual
- Tour Guide Experience
- Knowledge of MediaWiki software

I've applied, what's next?

We receive many applications daily and it takes time to review them all. Note that we contact all applicants. Interviews will begin being conducted starting November 10th, 2010 for the 2011 volunteer program in Lima.