Volunteer in Spain


Free Volunteering Opportunities

1) Caritas
(http://www.caritas.es/) - One of the largest networks dedicated to reducing poverty and injustice throughout the world. An organisation with a Catholic foundation, driven to help the most vulnerable in the World.

2) Cruz Roja
(http://www.cruzroja.es/pls/portal30/portal.portal_cre.do) - This is the Spanish Red Cross. You can also access information about Red Cross International here

3) Hacesfalta
(http://www.hacesfalta.org/) - A network for finding volunteering opportunities and work in NGOs.  Includes a volunteer search facility

4) Volunteers Platform Spain
(http://www.plataformavoluntariado.org/) - Founded in 1986 as a Platform for the Promotion of Volunteers in Spain (PPVE), responding to the need to encourage, promote and facilitate the work of voluntary organisations.

5) Voluntariat
(http://www.voluntariat.org/) - A network of information about volunteering in Spain, in collaboration with a large amount of partner organisations.

6) Portada
(http://www.xarxanet.org/xarxanet/inici?virtagoraView=off) - Search links to various sites offering volunteering opportunities around Spain.
8) EVS
(http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_en.cfm) - The European database on EVS accredited organizations. EVS offers young people (13-30 years old) the opportunity to work as a volunteer for 2-12 Months.

9) The Alliance of EVS Organisations
(http://www.alliance-network.eu/) - An international ngo representing national organisations with the promotion of intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. Each member organisation runs an annual programme of international volunteer projects, which involves volunteer exchanges between group projects, predominantly in Europe.

Low Cost Volunteering Opportunities

1) HelpStay
(www.HelpStay.com) - Travel as a volunteer. Stay for free in return for a few hours of honest help.

2) Sunseed Desert Technology