Denmark, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia.

Project Description

We are looking for motivated and hard working volunteers, who like to travel and coexist with different people and cultures.

Get the chance to make a real difference to the lives of Danish teenagers and to communities in Africa.

Join our 24 month volunteer placement, involving a year in Denmark working with young people whilst studying for a year long project with 'Humana' in sub-Saharan Africa.

Juelsminde Day School is located in Jutland, Denmark. It offers young Danish children from a variety of underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to learn and develop as individuals in a friendly, caring environment.

The Development Instructors working at Juelsminde help the school’s staff to provide this positive environment, and at the same time learn vital skills that they can transfer to projects in Malawi, the country partnered to the school. The duties are wide-ranging and varied – you could be teaching English, cooking a dinner for 40, playing sport on the beach or helping put on a musical.

Volunteer Information

A large part of your time in Denmark is spent preparing for Africa. You study a variety of topics that will equip you with knowledge to face issues in a developing country. You will have the chance to gain practical skills in fields such as eco farming and fundraising, as well as improve your social, political and environmental awareness. This time ensures that when you leave for Africa you will be as useful as possible with lots to give.

The second year of the program is spent in Africa. You might be involved in Child Aid, working at a Teacher Training College, helping the HOPE project in its fight against HIV and AIDS or working in Clothes Collection. You will help manage a scheme alongside experts from “Humana”. You will communicate with DIs already at your project to ensure  long term, sustainable change.
Whether you end up planting trees to improve soil for farmers, or organising a woman’s co-operative this scheme invests in you so that you can invest in others.

If you are a dynamic, enthusiastic, motivated, flexible, creative, environmentally conscious, active, generous, willing and sensitive person who is looking for new challenges, then look no further- this is the program for you.