Project Description

WEB, Nepal is an officially registered non-governmental and non-profit volunteer organization.

Our mission is to provide volunteers with a unique opportunity to help in the development of a local community by teaching sustainable skills and raising environmental and conservation awareness, while being part of a cultural exchange.

Projects will include: increasing awareness of the importance of - environmental conservation and education, agricultural farming, eco-tourism and income-generating activities for local communities.

WEB, Nepal offers the following activities - for anyone interested and willing to help:

•    Individual Volunteer project
•    Participation in WEB, Nepal programs and projects
•    Eco-Tourism and community sustainability projects
•    Home Stay and culture exchange
•    Conservation awareness program
•    Research Support

Volunteer Information

About us

WEB Nepal is a non-profit organization established by community representatives and supported by social worker, youth and community groups. WEB Nepal has been established to promote awareness of our social, educational, and environmental issues. We are passionate about community development and hope to inspire volunteers to assist us in achieving our goals.  We offer a once in a lifetime experience in Nepal for the volunteer to experience a safe and friendly household atmosphere.

The main focus of the WEB Nepal project is to encourage volunteers to raise awareness of the importance of education and to help provide the community with the relevant skills to build towards a self-sufficient society. Most importantly, the fees contributed by volunteers will help to establish a much needed community learning centre. Volunteers can see their contributions at work first hand by working within one of these learning centres. The Learning Centre will provide villagers with an opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge and conversational sales skills required so as to make a consistent income. Programs among others include tailoring (design), handcrafts and bio-paper making.

WEB, Nepal has been successfully working towards its goal of education improvement of the Rural Community and Schools. We hope to become the catalyst in the regeneration of health, education, social and cultural change in a number of surrounding villages in the Chitwan area. WEB Nepal is in collaboration with Chitwan National Park Buffer Zone user committee, including numerous government schools and community youth clubs.
Members of Board

The Advisory Board consists of 7 men and women. There are 9 members involved in the organization. They are from a variety of different backgrounds such as: teachers, community groups, youth clubs, media and social workers.  The board holds regular meetings to approve various projects and establish community development and awareness plans. 


WEB, Nepal is proud to have many colleagues from all over the world who have seen first-hand how we are striving to work for our community. Many of whom have helped us improve our community education, school education and organic farming. During their time in Nepal we welcomed any advice which they could offer towards our program. Until we achieve our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency, WEB Nepal is always grateful and open to any advice which can be offered by future volunteers. 

Please feel free to search our link to contacts from the country or culture closest to you. We regard them all as friends of our establishment. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friends as they would be delighted to answer any query or settle any doubts you might have. We understand that before undertaking the first big step to travel such a long distance, one must have a certain peace of mind. We at WEB Nepal and our international colleagues are always here to help; in true keeping with the magic of the Nepalese culture