AIM Abroad

Project Description

Aimabroad is non profit volunteer organization based in Delhi, India. We provide low cost volunteering opportunities for international volunteers, we have host family based programs so it is totally safe for female and young volunteers.

AIM Abroad works to provide volunteering opportunities in India and Nepal for people who want to offer their services and travel with a grassroots organization. We realize that your skills and interest in helping the needy are valuable assets, which will support these struggling communities in India and Nepal.

Volunteer Information

We are primarily interested in volunteers keen to work on the orphan girls` project as the condition of girls is not very good here in India. Most families do not want girl children and many are thrown into orphanages. Luckily, efforts have been made by various welfare organizations to protect these girls, to provide a safe and secure home environment and most importantly to offer them an adequate education.
As a volunteer, you will share your time, energy and skills to support these children and bring a bright ray of hope into their lives.

Volunteers’ jobs include teaching basic English in the ordinary school, drawing, organizing games, singing, dancing, theater and sporting activities. General care of the children is also required. You may be asked to perform general and special tasks and accompany the children on outings as required by the project. Working at an orphanage requires love for children, maturity and self-discipline.