Reach Out Fundraising
Reach Out - Fundraising
Buea, Cameroon

Project Description

As a fund-raiser at Reach Out Cameroon (REO), you will get an insight in all the running projects. Funds need to be raised for either future projects, reimbursement of past projects or to support the ongoing of current projects. In order to write a convincing Grant Proposal you need to know something about the project and see the need with your own eyes. Therefore you will need to visit the different projects and get involved in every department till a certain extend. This creates a nice balance between fieldwork and office work.

Besides raising funds through Grant writing, Reach Out is at its starting point of raising funds through events. Fundraising events have the potential to raise money, engage existing and potential donors and highlight the work of our organization to important invited guests. As the fundraising volunteer you will generate ideas to raise funds in creative ways on national and international events that take place every year. Also you will help to set up an event organised by REO. This will be the first time REO will set up a fundraising event, so initiatives and creative input are very welcomed by us!

Volunteer Information

As you will be the volunteer who knows a bit about every project, you will coordinate and write the quarterly newsletter. The newsletter consists of three stories about events that took place or projects that REO executed in the last quarter. You will be interviewing a beneficiary, a volunteer or a staff member. Or you will write a report on the events or activities.

Overview of the volunteer tasks

•    Write Grant proposals
•    Visit project sites, participate in certain projects
•    Set up fund-raising strategies at existing events
•    Create and set up REO event
•    Interview members, staff and volunteers for the newsletter

Further information

If you have you own project in mind, we are, of course, happy for you to pursue that and support you as needed. Initiative is greatly valued and even necessary for you to make the most of your time here with us. As we are a non-profit NGO we are always researching new sources of capital for all our projects. If you have a big project in mind we do support you to raise some funds back home. This way you can implement your funds yourself and chose and see where the money goes.

Make sure you have a Visa credit card when coming to Buea. Banks in Buea do NOT accept Master-card credit-cards.