Prisoner Education

Reach Out - Prisoner Education

Buea, Cameroon

Project Description

Creating chances for post release is a programme carried out in Buea Central Prison. The target population of the programme is minors and female inmates but it will soon be extended to the general population. Project was created to provide inmates with information about HIV/AIDS, sexual education, reproductive health, sanitation and other health related issues.

The goal was to assure that prisoners have the access to the same knowledge as people outside and a chance to protect themselves from contracting HIV and other common diseases. Soon the programme started incorporate moral support and lesson about behaving in the community. At the moment Reach Out Cameroon is trying to find sponsor for the series of workshops providing vocational training for the inmates. If the funds will be granted, the programme will include the supervision of the workshops in prison.

Volunteer Information

As a volunteer of ‘Creating chances for post release’ you will be responsible for preparing the activities the activities for the programme and participating in delivering the lectures.

Your daily tasks can include: planning the content of the lessons, preparing necessary materials, searching for new funders of the project, visiting the prison, helping to create a guidebook for the project and reporting on the progress of ‘Creating chances for post release’.

We are looking for an open-minded person that is interested in social work and reintegration. No experience is necessary but people with previous work experience with children or related studies will be preferred.

Further information

If you have you own project in mind, we are, of course, happy for you to pursue that and support you as needed. Initiative is greatly valued and even necessary for you to make the most of your time here with us. As we are a non-profit NGO we are always researching new sources of fund for the programme. If you have a big project in mind we do support you to raise some funds back home. This way you can implement your funds yourself and chose and see where the money goes.

Make sure you have a Visa credit card when coming to Buea. Banks in Buea do NOT accept Mastercard credit cards.