Literacy classes for Muslim women
Literacy classes for Muslim women
Buea, Cameroon

Project Description

In 2009 an American volunteer started the literacy project. At the moment there are a total of eight Muslim women who participate in these classes. The women find it very important to learn how to read and write English. With their Arabic literacy skills they always have a language barrier. For example they are unable to progress or even develop their own business. They are vulnerable for other people cheating them, because of their lack of understanding English. With English literacy skills they can develop so much more and achieve many things that are unable to achieve with only Arabic literacy skills. The teaching methods used by REO are sound and word building, dictation, reading and social communication skills.

Volunteer Information

As literacy volunteer you will be teaching them English language skills two times a week. REO strives to provide more Muslim women with literacy classes in different areas. As most of these women live far out of town and lack the financial needs to come to the class in Buea. So you will help identifying in which area we will reach the most women in order to set up a second literacy class. This will then be done twice a week as well. You will be preparing materials and curriculum for each class and keep monthly records of the progress they make.

Overview of the volunteers tasks

•    Teach illiterate Muslim women
•    Prepare materials and curriculum
•    Identify a new area to teach
•    Write monthly progress reports
•    Raise funds to keep the literacy project going and extend it to reach more women

Further information

If you have you own project in mind, we are, of course, happy for you to pursue that and support you as needed. Initiative is greatly valued and even necessary for you to make the most of your time here with us. As we are a non-profit NGO we are always researching new sources of capital for all our projects. If you have a big project in mind we do support you to raise some funds back home. This way you can implement your funds yourself and chose and see where the money goes.
Make sure you have a Visa credit card when coming to Buea. Banks in Buea do NOT accept Mastercard creditcards