HIV AIDS Education and Sport
HIV/ AIDS Education & Sport
Buea, Cameroon

Project Description

“Keep a child alive” is a project of the Home Solace Programme. It was created for the children in the local community to provide education about HIV/AIDS, develop creativity, critical thinking and improve children’s skills in writing, reading, mathematics, science and French.

Project is addressed to the children between the age of 8 and 18. Lessons are carried out 3 times a week and children are divided into two age groups 8-12 and 13-18. One of the days is dedicated only to sports, then all the children are encouraged to participate in physical activities such as football.

During the two other days they meet in the classroom and take part in the lessons prepared by the volunteers. The idea of the project was to create an environment where children are able to express themselves through art, they can play educative games, learn about HIV/AIDS or children’s rights and ask any questions they want without being judged. Classes involve much more interaction than school lessons and that is why children love coming to the programme and actively participate in the lectures.

Volunteer Information

As a volunteer responsible for HIV/AIDS education and sports you will be preparing the activities for the ‘Keep a child alive’ and participating in delivering the classes.

Your daily tasks can include: planning the content of HIV and AIDS lessons, preparing necessary materials, organizing games and physical activities, helping to create a guidebook for the project and reporting on the progress of ‘Keep a child alive’.

We are looking for a creative person that likes to work with children is patient and open-minded. No experience is necessary but people with previous work experience with children or related studies will be preferred. This position requires basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

Further information

If you have you own project in mind, we are, of course, happy for you to pursue that and support you as needed. Initiative is greatly valued and even necessary for you to make the most of your time here with us. As we are a non-profit NGO we are always researching new sources of capital for the micro-credit programme. If you have a big project in mind we do support you to raise some funds back home. This way you can implement your funds yourself and chose and see where the money goes.

Make sure you have a Visa credit card when coming to Buea. Banks in Buea do NOT accept Master-card credit cards.