Who we are:

We are a group of volunteers trying to provide links to as many free volunteering opportunities, around the World, as we possibly can.

What we do:

We search, find, and publish  volunteering opportunities. This includes everything from informative descriptions to bog-standard links to sites, all of which offer a potential volunteer the chance to support a charitable cause without costing themselves a penny.

We advocate low-cost (to relieve the burden you may impose) or free volunteering and believe that essentially, if a volunteer is willing to give up their time to support a good cause, they have given more than enough.The exchange of money in return for a volunteering opportunity, is in many cases exploitative and selective. This is the case where thousands of pounds are exchanged, much of which is accounted for in administrative salaries and not the charity that needs it.

Ensuring the opportunity for people to volunteer for free, also affords the possibility that they may want to contribute financially to that charity, whilst not feeling obliged to do so. Giving directly to a charity can increase the chances that the money ends up with the people who need it most.

In essence, our purpose is to facilitate the opportunity to volunteer, regardless of financial circumstance.

Get Involved:

This website shows a vast amount of opportunities to help other people. The extensive directory of opportunities and websites offering such, shows that no matter where you live, there is always something you can do to help. This is your chance to make a difference.

Navigating this site

We have arranged sections by continent and then country. We advise that you use the recommended websites on the page of each continent first, before using country specific pages. Continent pages will include all the main websites which provide volunteering opportunities in that region, and may have opportunities in the country you are looking for. If a website or organisation only runs program in one or only a few countries, we will only list them in their respective countries section.

Responsibilility for content

Although we have 'recommended' resources for users to use, this is a not a legal obligation that the information we have provided is correct, or the organisation provides what it says it will. We make efforts to ensure information that we post is relevant and accurate, by reviewing it frequently and listening to user feedback. However, we have not personally evaluated the work or information provided by websites we refer you to, and therefore take no responsibility. We advise that you always research a host program thoroughly before getting involved. Search the internet, check forums and read blogs from previous volunteers.


We will be posting a selection of our chosen charities from various locations around the Globe, in the near future.

Support our Development:

We are constantly looking to grow and improve the information and service that we provide. Our users are at the core of this progression and development. The admin team would be ever so grateful if you are able to give us links of websites or organisations providing volunteering opportunities around the World. Every link that you share, enables many others to contribute and experience what you did. You can do this by leaving a comment using the Contact page. Thank you for your support.